• Balance performance and security

    Balance performance and security

    Your own servers protect your information better than the cloud. Now, managing them is easier than ever.

  • Ensure availability

    Ensure availability

    Servers need to run for your business to be open. We ensure they are.

  • Keep the lights on

    Keep the lights on

    Providing the reliability and availability your business needs is now within the financial reach of everybody.

  • Get all services out of one hand

    Get all services out of one hand

    We understand your Microsoft servers from hair to toe.

  • Keep them working

    Keep them working

    Our services ensure that your end-users stay productive 24x7.

Remote Microsoft Server maintenance you can afford

We provide remote server maintenance for a broad range of Microsoft Servers including Server, Exchange, SharePoint and SQL. Running your own systems does not longer require deep pockets and know-how. Even small organizations can afford top-level support services that keep their infrastructure operational and secure.


Our English-speaking Microsoft Certified Engineers are reachable 24x7 to answer your requests and respond to incidents.


With our pay-per-use billing you will only pay for the services and hours you actually require.


We access your servers using secure remote services and login information.